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MÅNESTRÅLE is a super soft, light, airy and full-bodied yarn with 25 grams per skein and 200 meters.

MÅNESTRÅLE consist of an exclusive blend of 68% baby alpaca, 12% merino wool (mulesing free), 16% polyamid and 4% polyester. The polyamid and the polyester constitutes the fine thread of Lurex, which gives a discreet sparkle of glitter in MÅNESTRÅLE.

MÅNESTRÅLE is produced specially for CaMaRose on a family-owned Italian spinning mill, with consideration for both environment and animal welfare, thus the merino wool used, is of course mulesing free.

The recommended needle size using 1 strand is 3.0 - 4.0 mm. Using several threads, you can go up to a 6.0 mm needle.

Recommended gauge: 1 strand on a 3 mm needle, 19-22 sts = 10 cm.

Alternative gauges: 2 strands of MÅNESTRÅLE on a 4 mm needle, 17-18 sts = 10 cm. 3 strands of MÅNESTRÅLE on a 5 mm needle, 14-15 sts = 10 cm.

The length is 200 meters per one skein of 25 grams.

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