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About Garntopia

The story about Garntopia 

Late summer 2018 we decided to make a reality of a big dream, to start our own yarn shop! We had only known each other a few weeks through Instagram, but with a burning commitment around the same ideas we quickly hit it off! 10th of November 2018, we opened the doors at Fyrstikktorget, Helsfyr! Early in 2021 we moved to even larger premises at Fyrstikktorget. Now we have room for even more yarn and even more customers! Welcome!

Our wish is to be a yarn shop with the little extra, with a warm atmosphere, pleasant surroundings, plenty of space, help from people who love what they are doing, and most importantly - lots of fine yarn in good qualities.

Garntopia carries yarns from Knitting for Olive, Isager, Camarose, Filcolana, Rauma Garn, HipWool, Cewec, Mohair By Canard, Gepard, Hjelholts Uldspinderi and Sandnes Garn.

We offer patterns from several talented designers - PetiteKnit, MilleFryd, WitreDesign, Knitting for Olive, Clara Knitwear, Lene Holme Samsøe and Camarose.

We also sell pattern booklets from Rauma Garn and Sandnes Garn .

You can buy great designs we have in collaboration with skilled knitting designers here .

Do not hesitate to contact us on Instagram or Facebook - we will do our best to help you - whether it's color choises, yarn options or simply some stitches that are really crooked.

And for those of you who are in the Oslo area - we hope to see you at Fyrstikktorget!

You can find us at Karoline Kristiansen vei 4 at Helsfyr in Oslo .