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MIDNATSSOL is a super soft, light, airy, and full-bodied yarn with 25 grams per skein and 200 meters.

MIDNATSSOL consist of an exclusive blend of 54% baby alpaca, 10% merino wool (mulesing free), and 36% tencel. Tencel constitute the fine thread, holding together the fibers in MIDNATSSOL.

MIDNATSSOL is produced specially for CaMaRose on a family-owned Italian spinning mill, with consideration for both environment and animal welfare, thus the merino wool used, is of course mulesing free and there is used Tencel in the yarn. The merino wool is from South America.

The recommended needle size using 1 strand is 3.0 - 4.0 mm. Using several threads, you can go up to a 6.0 mm needle.

Recommended gauge: 1 strand on a 3 mm needle, 19-22 sts = 10 cm.

Alternative gauges: 2 strands of MIDNATSSOL on a 4 mm needle, 17-18 sts = 10 cm. 3 strands of MIDNATSSOL on a 5 mm needle, 14-15 sts = 10 cm.

The length is 200 meters per one skein of 25 grams.