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Snefnug Natur


SNOWNUG NATURE is a super soft, light, airy and full-bodied yarn that consists exclusively of natural materials in an extra delicious combination of 55% uncoloured alpaca fibers, 10% non-mulesing and 35% organic cotton.

SNEFNUG NATURE is produced by an Italian family-owned spinning mill with regard to the environment and animal welfare, so the merino wool used is of course mulesing free and originates from South America. The alpaca is from Peru, while the cotton is from Egypt.

SNEFNUG NATURE is composed of an organic cotton tube as a core, in which a fine and neat mixture of merino and alpaca is blown in. Together they give a strong and at the same time super soft and exclusive yarn.

The recommended needle size is 4.0 - 6.0 mm, and the recommended knitting tension is 12-16 m per 10 cm and approx. 24 p in height. The running length is 110 m per key of 50 grams.

It is recommended to HANDWASH the finished work with wool detergent and let it lie flat.